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Special Mountains Rwanda and DRC : 10 Days
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Bamba Tours

Welcome! Let us go together on a journey of new exploration of East Africa and Central Africa.

“We go beyond the safari and take you to the hidden treasures of each country”.

Bamba tours team prides itself in providing leisure and adventure travel.

On your journey With us you will be able to explore various tailor-made safari options designed especially to suit your interest, time and budget at the most competitive prices.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is extremely well endowed and gifted by nature, whether your interest is in Wild Life Safaris or a primate safari, water rafting, hiking, birding, community tourism or even a combination; Your trip will be a life time experience.

Our tourism and operations team members are always on the lookout for new and interesting products of the region and regardless of the number of times you visit this destination, there will always be something new to see and experience.

Bamba tours staff/team has been carefully and especially chosen to provide the best. Our tour guides are professional, skilled and experienced friendly officers who have come highly appraised by most of our clients so far. You can rest assured that your trip will be planned by the best.

Trip through Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country in east-central Africa, sharing borders with Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC) to the west and northwest. see more

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Trip through DRC

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo), sometimes referred to as DR Congo, DRC, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Zaire, or RDC, is a country located in the African Great    ... see more

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Trip through Uganda

Uganda , is a landlocked country in East Africa. It is bordered on the east by Kenya, on the north by South Sudan, on the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the southwest by Rwanda, and on the.. ... see more

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Kenya & Tanzania

More Trips are through Kenya and Tanzania and we have them here On request More on More Trips

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Therefore, choosing working with us, it is not bad choice, we are well experienced in our field in we believe that, a wildlife adventure is a unique experience in a lifetime, with this in mind our company is focused on delivering on our promises, fulfilling our commitments and continuously investing in the quality of our services.
We offer activities from all around Central and East Africa from array of different categories such as: sightseeing tours, extreme adventures, tracking tours and tailor made customized activities.


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